Unhealthy Gesture

Hey! Everyone hope you're doing well and having a great day. Unhealthy & sickly behavior and gesture sometimes makes us feel uncomfortable and lack of confidence. Physical gesture and ill communication derail our relationship and social behavior. Unhealthy gesture reflects downcast not only physical strength but mental health. Wobbling and unsteady gesture affects our professional [...]


Reading Post #4

A true luxury is a reward for investing in and developing a real asset. For example, when my wife Kim and I had extra money coming from our apartment houses, she want out and bought her Mercedes. It didn't take any extra work or risk on her part because the apartment house bought the car. [...]

Bhagavad Gita

For one whose mind is unbridled, self realization is difficult work. But he whose mind is controlled and who strives by a appropriate means is assured of success. That is my opinion. ( 6.36) The Supreme Personality of Godhead declares that one who does not accept the proper treatment of detach the mind from material [...]

Pushing Ourselves

Why we push ourselves into negativity when someone comment? Oops now from today depressed, not working, ill communication and stress. Above problems we face every weeks, monthly or yearly. Well commenting someone is not a act of morality and meaningful life. You're working, suddenly someone came with frustration and stress spit all negative attitude and [...]

Persistence Work Life

"I don't know how to be full dedicated & have persistence work life? Hey! Are you less motivated or have lack of confidence. Don't feel hesitate everyone have obstacles and failures through work life. Dedication & persistence need to improve every time we feel baffle towards our work life. Can't find solutions for good results. [...]